Exercise-3 (Net cash provided/used by financing activities)

By: Rashid Javed | Updated on: July 12th, 2023

Exercise-3 (a):

The following activities were performed by L&M corporation during the year 2015.

  • Treasury stock purchased: $35,000
  • Accounts payable paid: $585,000
  • Note receivable collected: $50,000
  • Dividends paid: $190,000
  • Bonds payable issued: $340,000
  • Common stock issued: $175,000

Required: Compute net cash provided/used by financing activities to be reported in the statement of cash flows of L&M corporation.



Note: The following activities are not financing activities and have therefore not been included in the above computation:

  1. Payment of accounts payable.
  2. Collection of note receivable.

Exercise-3 (b):

Consider the following information of a company:

  • Sale of common stock: $880,000
  • Sale of preferred stock: $120,000
  • Payment of dividends: $156,000
  • Purchase of treasury stock: $965,000

Required: Compute net cash provided/used by financing activities using above information.



*The payment of dividend is a financing activity under US-GAAP. For more details, read “financing activities section of statement of cash flows”.

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