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We do nothing but eliminate the ambiguity from your accounting concepts.
We created this website ten years ago, in 2012, with the aim of making accounting concepts simple, clear and easy to understand for general people looking for information about accounting topics. The learning material available here has been created by Mr. Rash Javed (ACMA, M.Com) by putting the effort of hunderds of hard-working hours. In general, this learning material is helpful for students, professionals, business people and educators. All the explanations, exercises, problems, quizzes and calculators on this website are 100% free to use. Millions of students have benefited since the start of the website in 2012. Every week, we receive several acknowledgments via emails, article comments and messages on our social media pages.
- Emma
I was struggling to grasp the concept of accounting cycle through my text book and class room lectures. However, after reading accounting for management notes, everything became much clear.
- Jannifer
Explanations, exercises, problems, quizzes and calculators all together make up a complete learning combo for accounting students.
- Berdia Miller
Got A+ grade in managerial accounting assignments by solely depending on the tutorials provided in this website.
- Arjun
The site is very easy to navigate. The content provided here has great value for students. Keep up the good work.
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