Margin of safety (MOS) calculator

By: Rashid Javed | Updated on: July 14th, 2023
Actual or projected sales:
Break-even sales:

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How to use margin of safety (MOS) calculator:

Inputs required:

You need to provide the following inputs to use margin of safety (MOS) calculator:

Actual or projected dollar sales:
It is the actual dollar sales for a current or historical period or projected (expected or estimated) dollar sales for a business period in future.

 Break-even point sales:
It is the sales volume needed to break-even. This figure can be computed in seconds using our break-even point (BEP) calculator.

Outputs to be generated:

The following outputs will be generated by MOS calculator:

Margin of safety in dollars:
This output tells us the actual or projected dollar sales in excess of break-even point sales.

Margin of safety ratio:
MOS ratio is the ratio of margin of safety to actual or projected sales.

Margin of safety percentage:
MOS percentage tells us what percentage the margin of safety of total actual or projected sales is.

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