Exercise-11 (Internal rate of return method – cash inflow)

By: Rashid Javed | Updated on: September 8th, 2022

Fast Carriage Company is considering to purchase a large truck. The expected useful life of the truck is 14 years. The cost and net cash inflow associated with the new truck is as follows:

  • Cost of new truck: $273,400
  • Expected annual net cash inflow: $50,000

Required: Compute internal rate of return of the truck. Is the investment in truck desirable if management wants a 15% return on all such investments?


 Step 1; Computation of internal rate of return factor:

The first step is to compute internal rate of return factor by dividing investment required to purchase truck by net annual cash inflows.

Internal rate of return factor = Investment required/Net annual cash inflow
= $273,400/$50,000
= 5.468

 Step 2; Finding the internal rate of return promised by truck:

We would search for the factor (5.468) computed in step 1 in “present value of an annuity of $1 in arrears table“. In 14-period line, we can see that 5.468 factor represents a 16% rate of return. The internal rate of return of the truck is, therefore, 16%.

Step 3; Comparing truck’s rate of return and management’s desired rate of return:

As the internal rate of return of the truck (16%) found in step 2 is greater than the management’s desired rate of return (15%), the investment in new truck is desirable.

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